The third meeting of the Horizon 2020 RECAP project was held on the 27th and 28th of April 2017, at the headquarters of the public company INTIA in Villava with the participation of over 30 representatives of the 12 European organisations involved in the project. The two-day meeting also welcomed 10 representatives of the so-called stakeholders, or target groups, of the project in Navarra (including Tracasa, the Orvalaiz Cooperative and field professionals). They are expected to contribute with their extensive experience to the improvement of project results.

3rd_meeting_photo_6During the meeting the consortium took stock of the progress of the project in this first year, presented the RECAP platform (a webGIS application that supports the farmer’s plot and the cross-compliance and greening obligations of his/her farm) and discussed the needs of the users, as well as the experience of this first phase of co-production (based on the interviews carried out last summer to farmers from the pilot countries in which they expressed their personal needs and expectations on the platform).

In addition, a workshop was held which showed the potential of the relationship between the different webGIS platforms and the services available in Navarra and Spain with RECAP. This workshop presented the tools used by the paying agency in Navarra, the traceability in sigAGROasesor (decision support tool for sustainable crop management), the AGROintegra warning station, and the satellite images of the Pyreneos project.

The meeting in Navarra also allowed partners to discuss and agree on the methodology for the testing of the RECAP platform by end-users (farmers, inspectors from Paying Agencies and agricultural consultants) in each of the participating countries. The “pilot” testing of the RECAP platform is a central activity of the project that will allow obtaining feedback on the usability of the platform from potential users in order to facilitate its future commercialization as a service.

The RECAP project consortium consists of: Draxis Environmental S.A., Instituto Navarro de Technologias e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias SA, Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid, National Paying Agency of Lithuania, Viesoji Istaiga Lietuvos Zemes Ukio Konsultavimo Tarnyba, Strutt & Parker LLP, Inosens Doo Novi Sad, University of Reading, National Observatory of Athens, Iniciativas Innovadoras Sal, ETAM S.A. and CREVIS SPRL.

  For further information on the project please contact the RECAP team at or visit the project’s website.